Workshops for children 儿童课程

Workshops for children 儿童课程

I am a specialist in supporting children with creative writing in English. I use discussion, critical thinking, drama and art as a way to inspire children to write. My workshops are ideal for pupils who need extra support, further practise or a new challenge. Something for everyone!

Over several sessions, I use my expertise to guide the children through the creative writing process.

Workshops can be part of the school timetable or as an after school club, and they are designed to support the objectives of the English National Curriculum (2014) and the International Curriculum.

See the workshop outlines below:

Murder most horrid! Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Age: 7-11 years (UK, KS2)

Content: Creative fiction, play-scripts, film
Price: on request

In this workshop, children will study the story of the classic English play Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Children will act out scenes from the play, analyse the character of Macbeth and his crimes and write a script for an epic sword fight between Macbeth and his enemy Macduff before performing it for a short film!

Watch a film made from this workshop here
Find another children's Shakespeare workshop film here.

A galaxy far, far away... Star Wars

Age: 7-11 years (UK, KS2)
Content: Creative fiction, story writing 
Price: on request

In this writing workshop, children will be joining the battle for the galaxy and writing the next exciting Star Wars Episode. Using graphic novels, children will look at writing a setting, inventing and describing characters and planning a new adventure story.

Listen to a story written at this workshop here.

The Island

Age: 7-11 years  (UK, KS2)
Content: Creative writing, critical thinking, drama, art 
Price: on request

When a mysterious man arrives on an island, the people who live there face a dilemma. What should they do with him? In this workshop, children consider how we should live in a diverse world and how the choices we make can shape our societies. Using drama, children learn about the people of the island and discover the mystery of the strange man before writing their own account of his arrival.

See children's artwork from this workshop here.


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